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New Patients

Welcome to Achieve Health and Wellness! We’re confident that you’ll find our new patient process to be pleasant and positive. Ensuring that our patients have a smooth and efficient visit is one of our top priorities.

Before you arrive, we encourage you to find out what your insurance covers before your visit.

The First Visit

Please allow an hour for this initial appointment.

When you arrive, we’ll greet you and escort you to an exam room. We’ll have you complete some paperwork, including your health history and details of the particular symptoms that brought you in.

Dr. Haitsma will ask how your issue has been affecting your life. “I want to give patients plenty of time to tell their story. It’s my desire that they feel heard and understood.”

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a chiropractor who cared about his patient more than the money at the end of the visit. I look forward to healing in the hands of a doctor as knowledgeable and caring as Doc Clarence. Darren W.

Then, he will ask you for permission to perform the exam. Dr. Haitsma will do an assessment of the area that’s germane to your problem. He then will let you know the following:

  • What he found
  • How it relates to your problem
  • Proposed course of treatment

If you want to begin care, you can start right away. We are here to help you with your issue immediately.

Financial Information

You will be given all the financial information about your care plan upfront so there are no surprises. We are insurance friendly and will process your insurance. There is also no need to prepay; simply pay when services are rendered.

Do I Have to Go Forever?

We want to help you get relief as quickly as possible. There are no “cookie cutter” solutions, everyone is different, some problems take longer, some take less time. We want o to help you get to your “happy spot” as quickly as possible.

Some patients elect to come in on regular basis for wellness care because they like how they feel while under care. Again, the choice is yours.

Book an Appointment

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We offer no-obligation consultations so you can decide if chiropractic is right for you!

New Patients | (403) 942-4357